Listen to the voice of the EV driver with PlugInsights

Established in February 2013, PlugInsights is Recargo’s driver research division. Our mission is to amplify the voice of the driver to automakers, utilities, regulators, charging networks, financial analysts, and the rest of the plug-in car industry. We want the insights we uncover to light the road ahead for those who are creating tomorrow’s electric vehicles and services. With over 15,000 drivers, we’re the world’s largest EV driver research panel, bringing you custom survey and qualitative research design and analysis from the industry insiders who understand the EV landscape

The Precision That Comes With Massive Sample Sizes

With extreme sample depth comes the ability to find exactly the segments you’re looking for. Make and model? Demographics? BEV or PHEV? Geography? Attitudes? Opinions? Other vehicles owned or leased? Behaviors? PlugInsights lets you slice and dice virtually any way you need to.

Valid Samples Make All The Difference

Data integrity matters. So we always try to make sure that our samples reflect the overall EV population. The key? We weight all samples to reflect the latest monthly sales figures for the EV installed base so that no driver group unfairly “outshouts” any other.

Survey Research Projects

Most of the work we do for clients is custom survey research. First, we consult with clients to help them define actionable research objectives. Then we create and program questionnaires, field surveys, analyze the results, and provide detailed reporting, along with deep strategic analysis.

Qualitative Research

Need to find drivers in a highly specific segment and geography for focus groups or one-on-one interviews anywhere on earth? We have detailed profiling data and contact information on all panel members, making recruitment a snap. We can moderate qualitative research, author guides/reports, and book facilities, too.

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