About Recargo

We’re a sustainable energy data and infrastructure company founded in 2009, 100% focused on the electric vehicle (EV) category. Our mission is to accelerate adoption and advancement of plug-in car technology.

We’re headquartered in El Segundo, CA, with key staff in San Francisco, CA, and Philadelphia, PA.

Our Products


The leading app for EV drivers, PlugShare is a community based tool that guides users to public charging locations throughout the world. Available for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and on the web, PlugShare is fueled by extremely high levels of driver participation with over 2,000,000 crowd-sourced reviews and over 375,000 driver contributed photos.

PlugShare API

Crowdsourced from EV drivers, network, and industry partners, in combination with site validation and data integrity, PlugShare provides a mature API to power your custom applications. The rich data we get from our avid, loyal PlugShare users is what makes our API unique. The PlugShare Station API currently serves millions of requests per month and is powering mobile phone apps, in-vehicle nav systems, kiosks, and public displays made by major automakers, utilities, suppliers and other EV industry stakeholders worldwide.

PlugInsights Driver Research

PlugInsights is Recargo’s driver research division., with a mission to amplify the “voice of the driver” to automakers, utilities, regulators, charging networks, financial analysts, and the rest of the plug-in car industry. We want the insights we uncover to light the road ahead for those who are creating tomorrow’s electric vehicles and services. With over 15,000 drivers, we’re the world’s largest EV driver research panel, supplying custom survey and qualitative research design and analysis from the industry insiders who understand the EV landscape.

PlugShare Data-On-Demand

PlugShare Data-on-Demand gives business and government access to the most comprehensive EV charging station database available today. Clients leverage our database to steer their market research, infrastructure planning, charging site prospecting, and public agency reporting activities. PlugShare covers more than 70,000 publicly accessible EV charging stations in North America alone.

PlugShare CPO Dashboard

The PlugShare Dashboard allows Charging Network Operators to easily monitor and manage their locations. With a simple to use interface, the dashboard allows you to message customers that posted complaints as well as post announcements and maintenance notices. Operators can also set up Pay with PlugShare or set email notification alerts for new reviews, photos, or edits.