160 South 1st St.
Campbell, CA 95008
Status Operational
Type Parking Garage/Lot
Hours Unknown
Parking Free
The chargers are located in the public garage, located south of the Water Tower Plaza on First St. SPI charging station is on the top floor, in the southwest corner, near the exit ramp. Level 2 charging stations are on the ground floor, near the entrance. Access is available 24 hours a day.

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Added: Thursday Jul 29, 2010
Type Network Availablility


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Small Paddle (SPI)

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Check Ins

paulc in a Chevrolet Volt on Sunday May 05, 2013
(Good - Charged Successfully)

Convenient location to downtown Campbell.

pawsouth in a Nissan Leaf on Saturday May 05, 2012
(Good - Charged Successfully)

Small paddles on top floor near exit, 2-J1772s (ChargePoint) on ground floor at entrance directly under paddles.

ronf in a Toyota RAV4 EV on Saturday Sep 10, 2011
(Good - Charged Successfully)

Unit operational; top deck garage paving completed. Short walk to downtown restaurants/coffee/shops.

ronf in a Toyota RAV4 EV on Monday Aug 01, 2011
(Good - Charged Successfully)

Used only briefly to verify charger functionality. 10 minutes delivered 3$, per the standard rate. All good.