19 Duncan Street
Clayton, GA 30525
Status Operational
Type Civic
Hours 24/7 -
Parking Free
The charging stations are located on the west side of the parking lot, facing Church St. Dual plug Blink DC Fast Charger station, plus two Level 2 chargers. Location is exact. Hardware is in and operational as of early August 2013, making this the first DCFC in the state of Georgia.

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Added: Friday Jun 14, 2013 by: ChrisC
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Check Ins

SMWIII in a Tesla Model S on Sunday Oct 27, 2013
(Good - Charged Successfully)

no adapter for high speed charger

ChrisC in a Nissan Leaf on Tuesday Aug 13, 2013
(Good - Charged Successfully)

The DC charger is now confirmed online, and has been successfully used by someone in a Nissan Leaf! This is the first DCFC in the state!

ChrisC in a Chevrolet Volt on Thursday Aug 08, 2013
(Didn't Charge - Site Looked OK)

Installation still in progress, waiting for Ecotality visit to bless the DCFC install.