Recargo is a software and services company that provides guidance to drivers and industry to support the adoption and growth of plug-in car technology.

  • Directory of over 28,000 charging stations in the US and Canada
  • International coverage of over 32,000 charging stations
  • 100,000 reviews and 30,000 photos to assist in last-mile navigation
  • Social, data-rich informatics and industry intelligence
  • Plug-in news from an experienced team of writers and contributors

Wherever you are on the road to sustainable transportation, Recargo gives the critical intelligence you need to choose the right path forward. Which plug-in car should I buy? Where do I charge my car? How do I manage my organization's fleet of EVs? How can I voice my concerns to automakers, utilities and others in the industry? Recargo shows you the way.

Recargo is a definitive source of consumer and industry intelligence for the rapidly growing plug-in sector.

CEO Brian Kariger

The Recargo Team